Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Visual Land Prestige Elite 9Q – Disassembling procedure – How to replace the LCD Screen

Using the large plastic opening tool, start along a side of the device and apply light pressure in the seam between the top and bottom outer covers.
Maneuver the smaller plastic opening tool at the spot of the large opening tool and slowly slide along the edge.
You should feel each plastic connections begin to loosen.
Move tool around each connection, and continue around the device until all connections have been loosened.
The user risks damaging the connections if they slide across to fast.
Once all connections have been loosened and using a soft surface, place the device onto its screen and lift gently on the outer casing.
Open the casing and lay as shown keeping the speaker wires loose.
Using hook tweezers and a spudger, gently remove the glued speaker away from the casing.
The tweezers can damage the speaker.
The speaker is still connected to the motherboard with wire, so be cautious during this process.
Using wide-tip tweezers, gently remove the three pieces of tape attached to battery
The battery is still connected to the circuit board, and do not damage the tape as it holds the battery to the rest of the device.
Next remove the WiFi module from the bottom of the device. This is simply pealed off.
Gently remove tape from circuit board, and disconnect the ZIF (zero insertion force) connectors for the front panel and LCD screen.
Use tweezers to lift up the black hinged lock on top of the ZIF connector.
Use pointed hook tweezers to gently lift up front facing camera by grabbing the padding on back of camera.
Located on corner of tablet
Do not grab camera lens, tweezers may damage lens.
Use pointed hook tweezers to gently remove rear facing camera by grabbing the corner of camera casing.
Located above charger jack.
Do not grab camera lens, tweezers will damage camera lens.
Use pointed hook tweezers to gently flip up hinged ZIF connector.
After ZIF connector is flipped up, remove camera module.
These are the three screws holding the circuit board.
Use J00 or PH00 to remove the three screws.
Make space in work area, and remove battery, circuit board, speaker, and wifi module as one from the LCD screen and front glass.
Handle carefully because battery speaker and wifi module are only connected by soldered connections.
Shown are all the clips that hold the LCD screen to the front glass.
Start in the corner and pull back one of the black tabs. At the same time try to get under the screen with the tweezers.
Once one side is pulled up the rest should come off relatively easily.
After detaching front glass from LCD Screen, lay LCD screen down on white styrofoam side and this is what it will look like.
Do not place screen down on black side to prevent damaging screen
After removing LCD screen this is what the front glass component will look like.
At this point a better assessment can be made of whether the LCD screen is bad or the front glass is cracked.