Saturday, January 21, 2017

Bose SoundTouch 10 – Disassembling procedure

1. Front Grill Removal
Turn the unit upside down, peel off the rubber foot which attaches to the front grill, to reveal the screws that are beneath it.
1.2 At the location shown, remove all three screws that attach the front grill to the cabinet.
1.3 Turn the unit face up and using your thumb, push the top of the grill in the direction shown to detach the front grill from the cabinet.
1.4 With the front grill removed, you will have access to the IR board, Keypad board, FFC and the transducer.
2. IR PCB Removal
2.1. Detach the IR cable from the keypad assembly.
2.2. Remove the two screws securing the IR board.
2.3 Detach the IR cable from the IR board.
3. Transducer Removal
3.1. Remove the 4 screws securing the transducer to the enclosure.
3.2. Detach the transducer cable from the main PCB.
Note: Use a screw driver or spudger to unlock the locking tab for the transducer cable.
4. Keypad PCB Removal
The keypad assembly is held in place by Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) strips located under the keypad assembly.
4.1. At the location shown, insert the tip of a plastic tool, such as a spudger, between the keypad assembly and the cabinet.
4.2 Grasp the corner of the button pad, lift the
pad up.
Important Note: To avoid damage to the cabinet, do not use the cabinet as a pry point to remove the rubber pad.
4.3 Once a portion of the rubber pad is released, grasp the rubber pad and pull it across the unit lengthwise to release the PSA.
4.4 Once the rubber pad is re moved. The Keypad PCB will be revealed.
Note: A replacement rubber pad must be used due to the PSA no longer being sticky.
4.5  Remove the 2 screws securing the keypad PCB.
4.6 Detach the FFC from the key pad assembly.
4.7  Slide the keypad PCB out from the cabinet.
Note: The foam must attach within the boxes drawn on the keypad PCB to avoid LED light leak.
5. Main/ Carrier PCB Removal
5.1 Remove the 6 screws securing the rear panel.
5.2 Insert the spudger into the screw cavity and press forward toward the rear panel at each of the 4 corners of the cabinet. This will release the rear panel from the cabinet.
5.3 Once rear panel is released, the main PCB will be exposed.
5.4 Detach the FFC from main PCB.
5.5 Detach the transducer cable from the main PCB.
Note: Use a screw driver or spudger to unlock the locking tab for the transducer cable.
5.6The cabinet and the rear panel are now separated.
5.7 Remove the acoustic foam from the cabinet if needed as shown.
5.8 Detach the AC connector.
5.9 Remove the 3 screws securing the main PCB.
5.10 Then lift the assembly port up a little bit to create some space in between the port and the main PCB.
5.11 With the port held up, slide the main PCB outward from the cabinet following the direction of the arrow.
Note: To avoid damage to the main PCB. The port must be slightly held up to create a gap for the PCB to slide through.