Main F/W Update Method

1)Insert update CD and close the tray.

2) Tray opened automatically, then Press YES if the up date CD you insert is a later one than before.

3) Wait about 7 minutes.

4) When fiished , power goes off automatically.

Loader F/W Update Method (for Disc Physical Problem)

1) Insert update CD and close the tray

2) Tray opened automatically, then Press YES if the up date CD you insert is a later one than before.

3) Wait about 1~2 minutes.

4) When fiished , power goes off automatically.
Handling the optical pick-up

The laser diode in the optical pick up may suffer electrostatic breakdown because of potential static electricity from clothing and your body.
The following method is recommended.
(1) Place a conductive sheet on the work bench (The black sheet used for wrapping repair parts.)
(2) Place the set on the conductive sheet so that the chassis is grounded to the sheet.
(3) Place your hands on the conductive sheet(This gives them the same ground as the sheet.)
(4) Remove the optical pick up block
(5) Perform work on top of the conductive sheet. Be careful not to let your clothes or any other static sources to touch the unit.

 # Be sure to put on a wrist strap grounded to the sheet.

 # Be sure to lay a conductive sheet made of copper etc. Which is grounded to the table.

(6) Short the short terminal on the PCB, which is inside the Pick-Up ASS’Y, before replacing the PickUp. (The short terminal is shorted when the PickUp Ass’y is being lifted or moved.)
(7) After replacing the Pick-up, open the short terminal on the PCB

About S.M.P.S (Ringing Choke Converter Method)

1) 1st : Common power input to 1st winding.
2) 2nd : Circuit followings output winding of transformer.
3) f (Frequency) : Switching frequency (T : Switching cycle)
4) Duty : (Ton/T) x 100

Circuit description [FLY-Back RCC(Ringing Choke Converter)] Control

(a) AC Power Rectifiation/Smoothing Terminal
1) A01~04 : Convert AC power to DC (Wave rectifiation).
2) CIS01 : Smooth the voltage converted to DC.
3) LIS01, LISO2, CIS04, CIS05 : Noise removal at power input/output.
4) RIS04 : Rush current limit resistance at the momemt of power cord insertion.Without PLRU1, the bridge diode might be damaged as the rush current increases.

(b) SNUBBER Circuit :
RIS02, RIS03, CIS08, CIS07, DIS05
1) Prevent residual high voltage at the terminals of switch during switch off/Suppress noise. High inverted power occurs at switch off, because of the 1st winding of transformer : (V=-L1 xdi/dt. L1 : Leakage Induction) A very high residual voltage exist on both terminals of ICIS01 because dt is a very short.
2) SNUBBER circuit protects ICIS01 from damage through leakage voltage suppression by RC, (Charges the leakage voltage to DIS05 and CIS08 and discharges to RIS03, RIS02).
3) CIS07 : For noise removal.

(c) IC1S01 Vcc circuit
1) ICIS01, RIS05, RIS07,RIS08 : ICIS01 driving resistance (ICIS01 works through driving resistance at power cord in)
2) ICIS01 Vcc : RIS05, RIS07, RIS08
1.Use the output of transformer as Vcc,because the current starts to flw into transformer while ICIS01 is active
2.Rectify to DIS07 and smooth to CIS09.
3. Use the output of transformer as ICIS01 Vcc : The loads are different before and after ICIS01 driving. (Vcc of ICIS01 decreases below OFF voltage , using only the resistance dut to lode increase after ICIS01