Philips 32PFL3505D - Service mode - Software update - Data copy - LCD television repair and service

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Contents of this article 

  • How to Access to SAM
  • How to Access to CSM
  • Software Updating Procedure
  • Data copy using USB  


Service Alignment Mode (SAM)
# To modify the NVM.
# Change and test video settings.
# View options.
# TV life time
# SW number
# Factory reset
# Diagnose features
# Operation hours counter (maximum five digits displayed).
# Software version, error codes, and option settings display.
# Option settings.
# Software alignments (White Tone).
# NVM Editor.
How to Activate SAM
To activate SAM, use one of the following methods:
Press menu button firstly. While main menu is on screen press 4725 consecutively. Do not allow the display to time out between entries while keying the sequence. After entering SAM, the following items are displayed, with “SAM” in the upper right corner of the screen to indicate that the television is in Service Alignment Mode.
How to Navigate
In the SAM menu, select menu items with the UP/DOWN keys on the remote control transmitter. The selected item will be indicated. When not all menu items fit on the screen, use the UP/DOWN keys to display the next/previous menu items.
With the “LEFT/RIGHT” keys, it is possible to:
Test certain values and turn them off.
Change the value of the selected menu item.
How to Store SAM Settings
All the changes which have been made are stored automatically. It is suffice to enter the new value and just exit.
How to Exit SAM
Use one the following method:
Switch the set to STANDBY by pressing the mains button on the remote control transmitter or the television set.
Note: When the TV is switched “off” by a power interrupt while in SAM, the TV will show up in “normal operation mode” as soon as the power is supplied again. The error buffer will not be cleared.
Customer Service Mode (CSM)
The Customer Service Mode shows error codes and information on the TVs operation settings.The call centre can instruct the customer (by telephone) to enter CSM in order to identify the status of the set.This helps the call centre to diagnose problems and failures in the TV set before making a service call.
The CSM is a read-only mode; therefore, modifications are not possible in this mode.
# Ignore “Service unfriendly modes”.
# Line number for every line (to make CSM language independent).
# Set the screen mode to full screen (all contents on screen is visible).
# After leaving the Customer Service Mode, the original settings are restored.
# Possibility to use “CH+” or “CH-” for channel surfing, or enter the specific channel number on the RC.
How to Activate CSM
Press the Menu button followed by “123654” buttons consecutively.
Note: Activation of the CSM is only possible if there is no (user) menu on the screen!
Contents of CSM
# USB Logging
# Video Settings
# Audio Settings
# Options 1
# Options 2
# Options 3
# Tuning Settings
# Source Settings
# Diagnostic
# USB Operations
How to Navigate
By means of the “CURSOR-DOWN/UP” knob (or the scroll wheel) on the RC-transmitter, can be navigated through the menus
Software Upgrading
It is possible for the user to upgrade the main software via the USB port. This allows replacement of a software image in a stand alone set. A description on how to upgrade the main software can be found in the DFU or on the Philips website.
Philips continuously tries to improve its products, and it’s recommend that the TV software is updated when updates are available. Software update files can be obtained from the dealer or can be downloaded from Philips website:

Preparing a portable memory for software upgrade
The following requirements have to be met:
1. A personal computer connected to the Internet.
2. An archive utility that supports the ZIP-format (e.g. Win Zip for Windows or Stufflt for Mac OS).
3. A USB flash drive (preferably empty).
1. Only FAT/DOS-formatted flash drives are supported.
2. Only use software update files that can be found on the Philips website  web site.
Check the current TV software version
Before starting the software upgrade procedure, it is advised to check that what the current TV software:
1. Press the Menu button followed by “1 2 3 6 5 4” buttons consecutively on the remote control.
2. Use the up/down cursor keys to find the software version. If the current software version of the TV is the same as the latest update file found on Philips website ,it is not necessary to update the TV software.
Download the latest software
1. Point the web browser to Philips website.
2. Find information and software related to the TV.
3. Select the latest software update file and download it to the PC.
4. Insert a USB flash drive into one of the USB ports of the PC.
5. Decompress the downloaded ZIP file and copy the “autorun.upg” to the root directory of the USB flash drive.
Update the TV software
1. Unplug the mains power cord from your TV.
2. Insert the USB flash drive that contains the software update files.
3. Press and hold the OK button.
Note: If the USB flash drive is not detected after power up, disconnect it and re-insert it.
4. Plug the mains power cord back in while holding the OK button.
5. The led light will start to flash and blink.
6. The first time installation menu will appear.
7. Restart your TV. Your TV has now been updated.
How to Copy NVM Data to/from USB
Copy to USB
There are two steps and both are independent of each other. Copy the updated welcome image to USB as “hotel_wel.png”
Copy from USB
There are two steps and both are independent of each other. If there is file named “hotel_wel.png” in directory “welcome_image”. It is copied to TV to use as welcome image. Copy from USB device data to NVRAM. Just the reverse operation done by copy to USB call. Previously copied NVRAM files (Flashx.bin) are copied into TV. If there is no flash file or
some of them are available on USB, the available ones are copied. If no USB is connected, nothing happens.
Note: For Clone function USB stick (Copy to USB - Copy from USB) must be formatted to FAT32. If USB is not formatted to FAT32 the other TVs will not accept cloned data and performance issues will result