SHARP LC-42LE620 - LC-46LE620 - LC-55LE620 - Service mode - Lamp error detection - Software Update - LED Television repair and service

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  • Service mode 
  • Factory reset
  • Firmware update  

SHARP LC-42LE620 - LC-46LE620 -LC-55LE620 

Entering and exiting the adjustment process mode
1. Unplug the AC power cord of running TV set to force off the power.
2. While holding down the “VOL (-)” and “INPUT” keys on the set at once, plug in the AC power cord to turn on the power.
The letter “K” appears on the screen.
3. Next, hold down the “VOL (-)” and “P ( DOWN )” keys on the set at once.
Multiple lines of blue characters appearing on the screen indicate that the set is now in the adjustment Process mode.

If you fail to enter the adjustment process mode (the display is the same as normal startup), retry the procedure.
4. To exit the adjustment process mode after the adjustment is done, unplug the AC power cord to force off the power. (When the power is turned off
with the remote controller, once unplug the AC power cord and plug it in again. In this case, wait 10 seconds or so before plugging.)
Lamp error detection
This LCD colour TV set incorporates a lamp error detection feature that automatically turns off the power for safety under abnormal lamp or lamp
circuit conditions. If by any chance anything is wrong with the lamp or lamp circuit or if the lamp error detection feature is activated for some reason, the following will result.
1) The power is interrupted in about 6 seconds after it is turned on.
(The power LED on the front of the TV set turns red from green and keeps blinking in red: ON for 300ms and OFF for 1500ms.).
2) If the above phenomenon 1) occurs 5 times consecutively, it becomes impossible to turn on the power. (The power LED remained red).
1) Checking with lamp error detection OFF
Enter the adjustment process mode, referring to 2. Entering and exiting the adjustment process mode.
If there is a problem with the lamp or lamp circuit, the lamp will go out. (The power LED is green.)
Then, you can check the operation to see if the lamp and lamp circuit are in trouble.
Resetting the lamp error count
After the lamp and lamp circuit are found out of trouble, reset the lamp error count. If a lamp error is detected five consecutive times, the power
cannot be turned on. Using the cursor ( UP/DOWN ) key, move to the cursor to [LAMP ERROR RESET], Line 8 on adjustment process mode service page 2/16. With the cursor (</>) keys, select the [LAMP ERROR RESET] value. Finally press the cursor (OK) eys to reset the value to “0”.
Initialization to factory settings
# Enter the adjustment process mode.
# Move the cursor to [INDUSTRY INIT] on page 2/16.
# Use the R/C key to select a region from [EUROPE/ RUSSIA/ SWEDEN] and press the [OK] key.
# “EXECUTING” display appears.
# After a while, “INDUSTRY INIT SUCCESS” display appears, the setting is completed.
 How to upgrade your LCD Television Firmware – USB Method
The following information provides step by step details for creating a firmware upgrade USB and successfully uploading the firmware to your LCD Television.
Before you can create the firmware upgrade USB, please ensure you have completed the following:
# Formatted FAT16 USB stick 64MB to 1GB and ensure that write protection is turned o
# A PC with a USB socket
# Read all of the instructions carefully and ensure each process is understood.
Creating a firmware upgrade USB
We recommend you use the following path – C:\My Documents\LCD\
To create this path, you will need to create a folder called “LCD”
The instructions provided will refer to this path, but if you choose an alternative, we recommend you note
your path information down and amend the details accordingly.
After you have downloaded the firmware, unzip the firmware into a folder called LCD
For the purpose of this demonstration, we are using an application called WinRAR.
There are various applications that provide the same / similar functions.
Ensure you are familiar with your application or refer to the applications documentation for more information before proceeding.
Choose to extract to – C:\My Documents\LCD\
The file extraction will take place and the firmware will be unzipped to C:\My Documents\LCD\
Recommend you check this folder and confirm that the firmware has unzipped into this folder.
If the extraction has failed, please repeat the same steps and refer to your applications documentation.
Note - The name of the file may differ from the example
On the extracted file, single right click the file and select “Copy”
Find the drive name of the USB drive, and open the drive by double left clicking
In the blank area of the USB drive, single right click and select “Paste”
The file will now copy across on the USB drive.
The USB drive is now ready to upgrade your Sharp LCD Television.
Upgrading you Sharp LCD Television
You have now successfully created your firmware USB to upgrade the Sharp LCD Television.
Before you can upgrade your LCD Television, please ensure you have completed the following:
# Ensure your LCD Television is switched on
# Ensure your LCD Television is connected to the mains power and not to any power saving device or extension cable.
# Turn off the AC power (Unplug the AC power cord. Note LE600 and LE700 models have power switch on side).
# Insert the firmware USB for upgrade into the service slot.
# While holding down the power button, plug in the AC power cord of the main unit to turn on the power.
# The power LED will flash orange, then the upgrade begins automatically.
# After the set starts, the upgrade screen  will displayed.
# If any of the procedures fails, the upgrade failure screen shows NG.
# If the update fails, the “NG” marking turns red.
When all the procedures are complete, the screen will shown. The new software version can be confirmed on screen.
The version number appears when each item has been successfully upgraded. Finally the main version number appears on screen.
Turn off the AC power (Unplug the AC power cord). Take out the upgrading USB flash memory.
Wait for about 20 seconds until the AC power supply is turned off.
Now the software has been upgraded.
1) Do not take out and put in the USB flash memory during formatting.
2) It takes about one minute for the rewriting to complete. Please confirm the upgrade status on the screen becomes 100%.
3) The AC power supply of the set is left for about 20 seconds until off (The AC outlet is pulled out) after the upgrade is completed.