Troubleshooting Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 - GT-P7510 – step by step troubleshooting – Tablets repair and service

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  • Power ON trouble
  • WIFI Troubleshooting
  • Booting problems  

Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1

Power On does not work
Check "Power on" by power cable with jig-on
Check the switch circuit, FET gate voltage, FET voltage
Check the 30pin to 50pin FPCB(SLC500), Wrong assembly or Wrong connection.
Check the Battery Voltage is more than 3.6V
Charge the Battery (Battery power is low)
Check U703(PMIC) and Power on voltage(C727≥1.2V, C734 ≥1.2V, C730≥1.8V, C725≥ 1.8V, C728≥1.1V, C723≥3.3V, C720≥2.85V)
Check U703. Change the problem point. (short, open, crack, etc.)
If PMIC has problem, change U703
Check U702(_RESET). this pin has to go high level(about 2V),and to go low level after 480ms
Check U6006(A1,Y1). If you push the power on button ,, A1,Y1 has to go high level.
Check the Clock at OSC700(C718) that frequency is 32K
Check the clock generation circuit (related to OSC700)
check the initial operation
Initial Failure
CP_RST(R320), PDA_ACTIVE(R6067) >= 1.8V(HIGH)
Check UCP6000 (short, crack, etc.)
Check UCP300 (short, crack, etc.)
AP_nRST(U703_pin #G8,TP702) "low -> high"?
Replace OSC 300 and OSC700
There are 26MHz wave forms at OSC600(C6082) and 26MHz wave forms at OSC100(C150)
Replace OSC600 and OSC100
LCD display OK?
Check the LCD part(short, crack, etc.)
Sound is OK?
Check the Audio Part(short, crack, etc.)
Abnormal charging part
Check C514 whether voltage reading is greater than 5V
Check the TA and the DLC (TA or DLC may not be connected properly)
Check C510 whether voltage reading is greater than 5V
Check U507 chip (U507_OVP chip may not work)
Check C749 whether voltage reading is greater than 4.2V
Check U704 chip (U704 chip may not work at room temperature)
Check battery voltage is change when TA is connected
Check U704 chip (U704 chip may not work)
Check C743 whether voltage is change when TA is connected
Check U704 chip (U704 chip may not work)
Microphone Part
Check main microphone function
in voice call receiver mode
Check the voltage at
C406 = 2.8V
Resolder or replace U404
Check component soldering
statuses of C426, C427
Resolder or replace C426, C427
Speaker Part
Check the signals on R427,R428,R338, R338
Resolder or replace U404
Replace the speaker module
BT/WiFi is not working
Check BT or WiFi function
Enable BT or WiFi Function
Check the Voltage on C260 = 1.8V
Check AP PMIC(U703)
Check 37.4MHz Clock at R213
Check OSC202
Check the Voltage on L214 = 1.5V
Resolder or change L214
Check the Status of C282, ANT202
Resolder or Replace C282, ANT202
Resolder or Replace U204
LCD is still off after PWR ON
Check the connection of SLC800
Reconnect the SLC800
Check the C818 and High(18V)
Check the Backlight Driver IC(U805)
Check C821 = 1.8V, C823 = 3.3V, C833= 1.2V
Check the LDO(802) DC-DC(U803) DC-DC(U804)
Check the signal DISPLAY_PCLK(TP809) LCD_D(0)(TP801)
Check the IC UCP6000
Check the signal IDISPLAY_PCLK(TP806) LCD_F(0)(TP800)
Check the freq of C813(19.2MHz)
Replace or resolder OSC800
Check the U801
Check C800 = 1.8V, C801 = 3.3V
Check the IC U800
Replace LCD Module
Touch Screen does not work
Check TSP Connector on Main PBA
Reconnect the SLC1000
U1004 Pin64 = 3.3V(C1033) and Pin8 = 1.8V(C1029)
Resolder or Replace U1004 U1001,1002,1003 Pin A1 = 3.3V(C1000,C1006,C1012)
Resolder or Replace U1001,1002,1003
Check the I2C signal of
Sensor IC(R6050, R6051)
Resolder R6050, R6051
Replace TSP Module
"Camera" function does not work
Check the Camera connector on Main PBA
Reconnect the HDC900
Check the voltage
C902 = 1.2V
C901 = 2.8V
C913 = 1.8V
C900 = 1.8V
Resolder U900,R900,R902,L900
Resolder U901
Resolder U902
Replace the PBA
Check R903 is 24MHz
Resolder R903 Replace the PBA
Check the I2C line TP902 & TP903 = HIGH
Resolder R6044, R6045 Replace the PBA
Check F900 is OK
Resolder F900 Replace the PBA
Replace the camera module