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  • How to remove the rear cover 
  • How to remove the Mother board 
  • How to remove the Display 

Sony Xperia Z - Sony Xperia Z3

Sony Xperia Z Display replacement procedure 
Warm the Battery cover before disassemble it.
Carefully' warm the battery and remove it. Be sure not to overheat the battery
Unscrew 4x screws and disconnect 3x flex cables in case to free the mother board.
Remove the mother board
Remove main Camera, front Camera and antenna wire Flex cable.
Remove The Headphone connector and the Ringer / Cover / Signal Antenna module.
Disconnect the LCD light flex cable by lifting up the black plastic and removing the flex
cable from the right side and we are ready to go.
Remove the touch panel . Warm the Touch screen before you start to disassemble it.

Sony Xperia Z3 Display repalcemnet procedure 
Remove back cover. Slightly warm up the cover before removal
Then remove the back frame
Release LCD screen connector.
Remove the Digitizer and display after  Slightly warming up 
Heat up for 3 minutes, cut the sticker with much more effort and take the screen with earpiece on carefully
Remove the earpiece from screen.And need to put it back when place the new screen.