Thursday, March 14, 2013


                                          Error 09 - Lower PCA Memory Test Errors
 Error 09 checks lower PCA memory locations during the power up test sequence. If a fault is
found during the power up test sequence, error 09 will be displayed. This error code is only used
on products utilizing the dual microprocessor system.
Possible Causes
         This error message almost always indicates a lower PCA problem when it is consistently
displayed. Failures causing this error message to be displayed are rare.
Possible Remedies
                If the error message is consistently displayed when the unit is powered up, the lower PCA
should be replaced. It is possible to see this error message displayed intermittently due to external causes. If the units A.C. input significantly dips during the power up test sequence the test could fail resulting in this message being displayed. Treadmills operating on non-dedicated A.C. circuits may see this message displayed on an intermittent basis.