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Service Mode
1. Press MUTE button once on remote control.
2. Press MUTE button again and keep in pressing.
3. While pressing the MUTE button, press MENU button on TV set.

Displaying the Adjustment Menu
Press MENU button on TV.
Key Function in the Service Mode
 Test signal selection  ---AV( SOURCE ) button (on remote control)
Selection of the adjustment items ---CH (on TV or remote control)
Change of the data value ----Volume +/- (on TV or remote control)
Adjustment menu mode ----ON/OFF MENU button (on TV)
Initialization of the memory ----(QA02) CALL + CH button on TV ( ^)
Reset the count of operating protect circuit to "00" …CALL + CH button on TV ( )
"RCUT" selection… 1 button
"GCUT" selection… 2 button
"BCUT" selection …3 button
"CNTX" selection… 4 button
"COLC" selection …5 button
"UVTT" selection…. 6 button
Automatic A/D Adjustment (PC, Component, Composite (PAL, NTSC)) ….7 button
Self diagnostic display ON/OFF…. 9 button
Selecting the Adjusting Items
Every pressing of CH UP button in the service mode changes the adjustment items in the order of table below. ( DOWN button for reverse order)
Adjusting the Data
Pressing of VOLUME +/- button will change the value of data in the range from 00H to FFH. The variable range depends on the adjusting item.
Note: The image system data of RCUT-BDRV is different by each image format. The PAL value is indicated in the table. Never adjust H.POS and V.POS except PAL/WIDE mode.
Exit from Service Mode
Pressing POWER button to turn off the TV once.
After replacing QA02, the following initialization is required.
1. Enter the service mode, then select any register item.
2. Press and hold the CALL button on the remote control, then press the CH UP button on the TV. The initialization of QA02 has been completed.
3. Check the picture carefully. If necessary, adjust any adjustment item above. Perform "Auto tune" on the owner's manual.
Self Diagnostic Function
1. Press "9" button on remote control during display of adjustment menu in the service mode. The diagnosis will begin to check if interface among IC's is executed properly.
Version Check Mode
1. Press "9" button twice on remote control during display of adjustment menu in the service mode. The version of main MPU will begin to check.
Setting Hotel Mode
Enter to service mode and select Hotel Mode menu by pressing P UP or P DOWN . After selecting Hotel Mode, press VOLUME + to enter details setting in Hotel Mode. To select menu, press P UP or P DOWN  and press OK to enter the adjustment menu of OPT2. To move the cursor in the adjustment, press VOLUME + or -.
1. An isolation transformer should be connected in the power line between the receiver and the AC line before any service is performed on the receiver.
2. Always disconnect the power plug before any disassembling of the product. It may result in electrical shock.
3. When replacing a chassis in the cabinet, always be certain that all the protective devices are put back in place, such as nonmetallic control knobs, insulating covers, shields, isolation resistorcapacitor network, etc.
4. Always keep tools, components of the product, etc away from the children, These items may cause injury to children.
5. Depending on the model, use an isolation transformer or wear suitable gloves when servicing with the power on, and disconnect the power plug to avoid electrical shock when replacing parts. In some cases, alternating current is also impressed in the chassis, so electrical shock is possible if the chassis is contacted with the power on.
6. Always use the replacement parts specified for the particular model when making repairs. The parts used in products require special safety characteristics such as inflammability, voltage.resistance, etc. therefore, use only replacement parts that have these same characteristics. Use only the specified parts when the mark is ^ indicated in the circuit diagram or parts list.
 7. Parts mounting and routing dressing of wirings should be the same as that used originally. For safety purposes, insulating materials such as isolation tube or tape are sometimes used and printed circuit boards are sometimes mounted floating. Also make sure that wirings is routed and clamped to avoid parts that generate heat and which use high voltage. Always follow the manufactured wiring routes / dressings.
8. Always ensure that all internal wirings are in accordance before re-assembling the external casing after a repairing completed. Do not allow internal wiring to be pinched by cabinets, panels, etc. Any error in reassembly or wiring can result in electrical leakage, flame, etc., and may be hazardous.
 9. NEVER remodel the product in any way. Remodeling can result in improper operation, malfunction, or electrical leakage and flame, which may be hazardous.
10. Touch current check. (After completing the work, measure touch current to prevent an electric shock.)