Friday, December 11, 2015

Emerson lcd led tv firmware update procedure

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  • How to update the firmware 


Software Upgrade using a USB memory stick
Emerson offers Software Upgrade capability for your TV using a USB memory stick. After you have completed the Software Upgrade, your TV will typically perform better. What improvements are made depends on the Software you are using as well as the Software your TV contained before the Upgrade. You can execute the Software Upgrade procedure yourself. Be aware that the content of this document is addressing Technical and Software skilled PC users. Preparing a USB memory stick for a Software Upgrade. For the procedure you will require:
> A personal computer with web browsing capability.
> An archive utility that supports the ZIP-format (e.g. WinZip for windows or Stufflt for Mac OS).
> A preferably empty USB memory stick. Note: Only FAT/DOS formatted USB memory stick is supported.
Firmware Upgrade Procedure
Step 1
Please print out this Procedure. Write down the Model Number and Serial Number on your TV. The Model / Serial Number can be found on the back panel of your television set and on the front cover of your Owners Manual.
Step 2
Click Download on the left side of this webpage before inputting the Model Number of your TV on the next Webpage.
Step 3
Select the Download that contains the first 3 digits of your Serial Number. Please note: If you do not see your Serial Number prefix listed, no Software Upgrade is available at this time.
The file downloaded is a *.zip file that will need to be extracted as a *.ecc or *.bin file." Save the *.ecc or *bin file on your PC and then load it to the root directory of a USB memory stick. Example of a root directory would be “E:\”.
Step 4
Insert the USB memory stick into the TV's USB Connector.

Step 5
Plug the TV into the AC outlet.

Step 6
If the Update does not automatically Start, press the Power button on the TV Remote or on the TV. Do not unplug the TV or send a remote command to the TV or do not unplug the USB memory stick while the Update is in progress as this will damage the TV.