Tuesday, December 22, 2015

OPTOMA HD67 DLP projector Disassembling and Firmware update

Contents of this article 

  • Firmware update procedure 
  • Disassembling 


Firmware Upgrade
System Firmware Upgrade
Equipment Needed
Software: (DDP 2431)
- DLP Composer Lite 9.2
- Firmware
- Library file (Library 9.2)
- Projector
- Power cord: 42.50115G001
- RS232 cable: 42.83618G001
- PC or Laptop
Firmware Upgrade Procedure
1. Set-up
- Hold on "POWER" button and plug in the power cord, the power LED will start to flash until the LED status goes to steady orange, the Temp LED and Lamp LED will light on red.
- Loosen the "POWER" button.
- Connect projector with PC by RS232 cable.
Note: The system fan and the lamp will not operated.
2. Check FW version.
- Re-plug in power cable, then restart the unit  and get into the Service mode to check the firmware version.
(To get into Service mode, please press "Power", "Left", "Left" and "Menu" buttons sequentially.)
8051 Firmware Upgrade Procedure
Equipment Needed
Software: (DDP 2431- USB)
- Setup _NLINK_en
- Manley USB Driver_NLINK
- xxx_8051_xx.hex
- Projector
- Power cord: 42.50115G001
- USB cable: 42.00286G101
- NLINK Fixture
- PC or Laptop
USB Driver Upgrade
1. Set-up
- Plug in the power cord, the power  LED will light on red.
- Connect VGA Port of projector with  NLINK Fixture .
- Connect NLINK Fixture with PC by  USB cable.
8051 Firmware Upgrade
1. Choose the right type of MCU
- "MCU Choose" picture will appear on the  screen, select "N79A901R".
2. Program settings
- Ensure NLlNK Fixture and PC are securely connected: the indicator lights on green, and the  state is “Connect” (as blue square).
- Select “Brownout Level 3.8V” (as green square).
- Select “Internel RC (11.0592MHZ)” (as green  square).
- Click “Erase/Write(W)” to execute 8051 FW  upgrade (as red circle).
3. Check 8051 FW version
- Turn on the unit and get into the service mode to  check the 8051 FW version.
(To get into service mode, please press “Power”,“Left”, “Left” and “Menu” buttons sequentially.)
Disassembly Process
Equipment Needed & Product Overview
1. Screw Bit (+): 105
2. Screw Bit (+): 107
3. Screw Bit (-): 107
4. Hex Sleeves 5 mm
5. Tweezers
6. Projector
* Before you start: This process is protective level II. Operators should wear electrostatic chains.
* Note: - If you need to replace the main board, you have to record the lamp usage hour.
Disassemble Top Cover Module
1. Unscrew 2 screws (as red circle) from the Bottom Cover.
2. Unscrew 2 screws (as green circle) from the IO Cover .
3. Remove the Top Cover Module

Note: - When you remove the Top Cover,  take care of the connector (as yellow square) which connected Main Board and Keypad Board Module, then  unplug it from Keypad Board Module.
- Avoid damaging by pulling keypad FPC cable.
- Make sure the FPC cable plug into the correct ports when assembling it.

Rod Adjustment
1. Environment Adjustment
- The distance between the engine and the screen is 2.4 M.
- This process should be done at a dark environment (under 2 Lux).
2. Procedure Adjustment
- Change the screen to "white screen".
- Adjust the screws by using the rod on the engine module to readjust the image.
("screw 1" should be adjusted first, and then "screw 2". Adjust until the yellowish or bluish parts disappeared.)
3. Abnormal image inspection
- It should not have any abnormal color at the rim of the image by estimating through the eyes.
Note: - To avoid over adjusting the rod.
- After the opreation, please use the glue to fix the screws