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The adjustment values are set to their optimum at the factory before shipping.
If by any chance a value should become improper or a readjustment is required due to part replacement, make an adjustment according to the following procedure.
After replacement of any PWB and/or IC for repair, note the following.
When replacing the following units, be sure to prepare the new units loaded with updated software.
NOTE: That an IC into which ROM data is written is available for MAIN-UNIT servicing (see below).
Software Upgrade
Main software update procedure of SHARP LCDTV
1. Connect your PC and LCDTV by 232C-CROSS-CABLE.
Set up starter298
2. Decompress
4. Set the parameters of the starter software as below.
i) [Options]-[Preferences] Setup window will be opened.
1) “General”, “Terminal”, “System update”: no need to modify anything.
2) “Connection”: set COM port number and configuration on your PC.
3) “Download”: set configuration
5. [File]-[Save as] you can save above settings as file name as you want
6. Connect to the LCD TV and start up “starter298” software.
7. After turn on the power of set, please push the below connect button.
NOTE: If set power was turned off and on with this condition, strange character will be appear, so if this strange character appear, please ignore.
8..Input "USEROFF" command (non-visited) and return key on your PC. (get "OK"message)
Input "DPON" command and return key on your PC. (get "MSH>" message)
10.Change the port settings.
11.Connect to the LCD TV by activating the connection button.
12.[Programming]-[Download] Download window will be opened.
13.Select the file which you want to upload.
14.Click “Flash” button and get executed.
15.If the Flash has burned successfully, “OK” message is shown
16.Turn the AC power off, and turn AC power on. Return to default automatically.
18.Prepare for next model
If you have once write the software to the set, the PC side communication speed will be set up to “115200”. So before you connect the PC to the next set, please change back this speed to “9600”.
19.Software writing time
It takes about 15 minutes to write the all software with above method.
Please keep the cable connection during the PC and Set having a communication.
Entering and exiting the adjustment process mode
1. Unplug the AC power cord of running TV set to force off the power.
2. While holding down the “VOL(-)”and”MENU” keys on the set at once, Press the "POWER"key on the set to turn on the power. The letter appears on the screen. 
3. Next, hold down the “VOL(-)”and ”P( )” keys on the set at once. Multiple lines of orange characters appearing on the screen indicate that the set is now in the adjustment Process mode. If you fail to enter the adjustment process mode (the display is the same as normal startup), retry the procedure.
1) Press the "MENU" key on the set, and OSD appears.
2) Move the cursor to SERVICE (OSD) using the cursor keys on the remote controller. When pressing the "MENU" key on the remote controller, the set enters the adjustment process mode.
4. To exit the adjustment process mode after the adjustment is done, unplug the AC power cord to force off the power. (When the power is turned off with the remote controller, once unplug the AC power cord and plug it in again. In this case, wait 10 seconds or so before plugging.)
5. To remove "K" mode, just repeat step1 and 2. This time the letter "K" disappears from screen.
White Balance Adjustment
Adjustment gradation values (IN) appear on page 7/13 of process adjustment, and adjustment initial values (offset value) appear on pages 8/13 and 9/13.
For white balance adjustment, adjust the offset values on pages 8/13 and 9/13.
[Condition of the unit for inspection]
Modulated light: MAX (+8)
[Adjustment reference device]
Minolta CA-210
Check that the values on page 7/13 of process adjustment are set as below. If not, change them accordingly.
1. Display the current adjustment status at point 6. (Page 8/13 of process adjustment)
The display for checking the adjustment status is toggled by pressing the “6” button on the remote control.
(Normal OSD display > “6” > display for check (OSD disappears) > “6” > normal OSD display > . . . )
2. Read the value of the luminance meter. x=0.272, y =0.277
3. Change MGAMMA R6/MGAMMA B6 (Adjustment offset value) on page 9/13 of process adjustment so that the values of the luminance meter approach x=0.272 and y =0.277.
(Basically, G is not changed. If adjustment fails with R and B, change G. When G is lowered, the weaker of R and B must be fixed.)
4. Display the adjustment status of the current point 5. (Each time the “5” button on the remote control is pressed, the adjustment status check display is toggled.)
(Normal OSD display > “5” > Check display (OSD disappears) > “5” > Normal OSD display > . . . )
Change M GAMMA R5/M GAMMA B5 (adjustment offset value) on page 9/13 of process adjustment so that the values of the luminance meter approach x = 0.272 and y = 0.277.
5. Repeat step 4) for points 4, 3, 2, and 1.
[Adjustment reference standard value]
Adjustment spec ± 0.004 Inspection spec ± 0.006 (point 1)
Adjustment spec ± 0.002 Inspection spec ± 0.004 (Excluding the above-mentioned)
Initialization to factory settings
Factory setting with adjustment process mode
Enter the adjustment process mode.
Move the cursor to [Factory Init] on page 2/13.
Use the R/C key to select a region from
[EURO/UK/ITALY/FRANCE/RUSSIA]and press the [OK] key.
“EXECUTING” display appears . After a while, "OK" display appears, the setting is 

Sharp LCD TV LC-42XD1EA Power Supply Board PSU PSC10189D
Sharp LC-42XD1EA - Inputs - QPWBFD604WJN4