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BENQ W1070 - W1080ST Digital Projector lamp replacing – Lamp hour reset - Lamp settings – Projector Repair and service

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  • Lamp settings 
  • Lamp replacement 
  • Lamp hour reset 

BENQ W1070 - W1080ST 

Auto Off Setting
This function allows the projector to turn off automatically if no input source is detected after a set period of time.
To set Auto Off, go to the System Setup : Basic > Auto Off menu and press LEFT/RIGHT to select a time period. The time period can be set from 5 to 30 minutes in 5-minute increments. If the preset time lengths are not suitable for your presentation, select Disable. The projector will not automatically shut down in a certain time period.
When to replace the lamp 
When the Lamp indicator lights up red or a message appears suggesting it is time to replace the lamp, The Lamp indicator light and Temperature warning light will light up if the lamp becomes too hot. Turn the power off and let the projector cool for 45 minutes. If the Lamp or Temp indicator still lights up after turning the power back on, please contact  for service The following Lamp warning displays will remind you to change the lamp.

Install a new lamp for optimal performance. If the projector is normally run with Economic selected, you may continue to operate the projector until the next hour lamp warning appears. Press MODE/ENTER to dismiss the message. It is recommended that to replace the lamp at this stage. The lamp is a consumable item. The lamp brightness diminishes with use. This is normal lamp behavior. You can replace the lamp whenever you notice that the brightness level has significantly diminished. Press MODE/ENTER to dismiss the message.
The lamp MUST be replaced before the projector will operate normally. Press MODE/ENTER to dismiss the message
How to replace the lamp 
Procedure  # To reduce the risk of electrical shock, always turn the projector off and disconnect the power cable before changing the lamp.
# To reduce the risk of severe burns, allow the projector to cool for at least 45 minutes before replacing the lamp.
# To reduce the risk of injuries to fingers and damage to internal components, use caution when removing lamp glass that has shattered into sharp pieces.
# To reduce the risk of injuries to fingers and/or compromising image quality by touching the lens, do not touch the empty lamp compartment when the lamp is removed.
# This lamp contains mercury. Consult your local hazardous waste regulations to dispose of this lamp in a proper manner.
1. Turn the power off and disconnect the projector from the power outlet. If the lamp is hot, avoid burns by waiting for approximately 45 minutes until the lamp has cooled.
2. Loosen the screw that secures the lamp cover on the side of the projector until the lamp cover loosens.
3. Remove the lamp cover from the projector.
# Do not turn the power on with the lamp cover removed.
# Do not insert your fingers between the lamp and the projector.
The sharp edges inside the projector may cause injuries.
4. Loosen the screw that secures the lamp.
5. Lift the handle so that it stands up.

6. Use the handle to slowly pull the lamp out of the projector.
# Pulling it too quickly may cause the lamp to break and scatter broken glass in the projector.
# Do not place the lamp in locations where water might splash on it, children can reach it, or near flammable materials.
#  Do not insert your hands into the projector after the lamp is removed. If you touch the optical components inside, it could cause color unevenness and distortion of the projected images.
7. As shown in the figure, lower the new lamp.

8. Tighten the screw that secures the lamp.
9. Ensure the handle is fully laid flat and locked in place.
# Loose screw may cause a bad connection, which could result in malfunction.
# Do not over tighten the screw.
10. Replace the lamp cover on the projector.
11. Tighten the screw that secures the lamp cover.
# Loose screw may cause a bad connection, which could result in malfunction.
# Do not over tighten the screw.
12. Connect the power and restart the projector.
Do not reset the lamp timer if the lamp has not been replaced as this could cause damage.
1. After the start-up logo, press MENU/EXIT and then press LEFT/RIGHT until the System Setup :Advanced menu is highlighted.
2. Press DOWN to highlight Lamp Settings and press MODE/ENTER. The Lamp Settings page displays.
3. Highlight Reset Lamp Timer and press MODE/ENTER. A warning message displays asking if you want to reset the lamp timer. Highlight Reset and press MODE/ENTER. The lamp time will be reset to "0".