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Service Mode
This projector has Service Mode in addition to standard on-screen menus (User Mode).
This mode enables some menu settings for the service operation.
Setting to Service Mode
1. Please push the main body or the menu (MENU) button of the wireless remote controller.
2. Choose a sub menu "service password" of the main menu "projector setup" and push the enter (ENTER) button.
3. Input the password "1565" by remote control and press the ENTER button.
4. Press the MENU button. "SERVICE MODE" (MAIN MENU) will be displayed.

Resetting to User Mode
1. Please push the main body or the menu (MENU) button of the wireless remote controller.
2. Choose a sub menu "service password" of the main menu "projector setup" and push the enter (ENTER) button.
3. Input the password "0000" by remote control and press the ENTER button.
4. Press the MENU button. "USER MODE" (MAIN MENU) will be displayed.

Initialization for control device password
To revert to the factory default password (AAAA), perform the following operations while the screen asking for a control device password input is displayed.
1. Press the <AUTO SETUP> button on the remote control or control panel for at least two seconds.
2. Press DOWN  for at least two seconds.

Functions in Service Mode
EXTRA OPTION is added to bottom in the MAIN MENU.
Adjusts brightness with Dynamic Iris. It darkens as the value becomes small.
Adjust the maximum diaphragm quantity of Dynamic iris. Please do not usually change setting.
When changed an iris unit or a DMD block, please adjust it according to Clause 1 of SECTION 3 (Adjustments).
Setting of the DYNAMIC GAMMA operation.
- ON : Enables Dynamic gamma. (default)
- OFF : Disables Dynamic gamma.
4. 3DCMS
- ON : Enables 3D Color Management system. (default)
- OFF : Disables 3D Color Management system.

Self-diagnosing information Displays.
1- Main microprocessor Software Version
2- Sub microprocessor Software Version
3- Network microprocessor Software Version
4- Intake air temperature (Celsius/Fahrenheit) DMD temperature (Celsius/Fahrenheit)
5- Exhaust air temperature (Celsius/Fahrenheit) Airflow sensor (Sensor value/AD conversion value
6- LAMP1 condition (Cumulative usage time/ON-OFF) /Correction value)
* When the item from 4 to 14 is abnormal last time and shuts it down,the font of OK becomes red. INF - 10
7- LAMP2 condition (Cumulative usage time/ON-OFF)
8- LAMP3 condition (Cumulative usage time/ON-OFF)
9- LAMP4 condition (Cumulative usage time/ON-OFF)
10- Fan condition (1: normal /0:stop)
11- Brightness sensor condition
12- Angle sensor condition (Horizontal angle / Vertical angle)
13- Iris Condition
14- Shutter condition (Opening and shutting number of times [Failed number of times])
Setting of the shutter function with standby operation
- SHUTTER KEEP: When push the standby key with shutter ON, keep the shutter mode.
- SHUTTER OPEN: When push the standby key with shutter ON, open the shutter and display the "Power OFF confirmation message". (Default setting)
When do not watch the error instructions LED of the lamp by a back projection, the errors of the lamp can be displayed in the OSD.
- ON: "Lamp error message" is displayed on OSD.
- OFF: Does not display the "Lamp error message" in OSD.
When the ingredient of each R/G/B color deviation, revise it electrically. Specifically, 
Set this when the A-P.C.Board is replaced.
* If you can copy EEPROM data from the old A-P.C.Board, this setting is unnecessary.
* This model setting is changed after turn power on and off.
Proofreading the blocking detect circuit.
* Execute this after EEPROM
IC3509/IC3518/A-P.C.Board or clogging sensor (M2-P.C.Board is replaced.

Setting of the fan operation for lamp cooling time.
- FAN STOP : Lamp fan is stopped at the lamp cooling time.
- FAN ROTATION : Lamp fan is rotated at the lamp cooling time.
Setting of the self-diagnosis display (U75) at the time of smoked cut-off filter use.
- ON : Warning is displayed.
- OFF : Warning is not displayed.

Communication condition setting
1. Press MENU button of main body or remote controller.
Go to Main menu --> Projector setup. In sub menu, select "RS-232C" and press ENTER.
2. Select communication condition by pressing UP/DOWN button. Set it with pressing
t u button.
3. Press MENU button 3 times and return to regular display.

Replacement lamp unit ET-LAD510 (1bulb)/ ET-LAD510F (4 bulbs)
1. Purchase a replacement lamp unit.
2. A Phillips screwdriver is necessary when replacing the lamp unit.
3. Since the luminous lamp is made of glass, it may burst if dropped or hit with a hard object. Please handle with care.
4. The lamp may be burst. Replace the lamp unit carefully so that the broken pieces of the lamp glass will not scatter. When the projector is mounted on the ceiling, do not make the replacement directly under the lamp unit or put your face near it.
5. When disposing of used lamp units, contact your local authorities for correct methods.
[Attention] Please be sure to read the warnings and notices on the lamp that is described in the Operating Instructions.

Air filter unit
Air filter unit ET-EMF510
1. Purchase a replacement air filter unit.
2. A Phillips screwdriver is necessary when replacing the air filter unit.
3. Air filter replacement is recommended after cleaning the unit two times. The dust-proof properties may be reduced after each cleaning.
[Caution] When using the "smoke cut filter". [ET-SFR510]
1) Select a sub menu "service password" of the main menu "projector setup".
2) Input the password "1111" by remote control and press the ENTER button.
3) Change the filter settings to "SPECIAL". (When the use is finished, return the filter settings to "NORMAL")

1. Since this projector is very strong light output, when checking the projection screen, please UV protection glasses and select to "single" lamp mode. If the projection distance is short, please pay particular attention.
2. When electrifying the projector for the check and adjustment at top case remove, the strong light emits from the lighting cover and its around. Please take the use of UV protection glasses and means of the shading.
3. While the fan is working, do not pull the plug out nor disconnect the breaker.
* This model is not equipped with a function "Direct Power Off".
* When the monitor of power supply lamp turns red and the fan stops, disconnecting can be done.
4. Be sure to unplug the power cord from the power outlet before repair.
* When replacing the print board, the internal electrical parts can be broken by the static electricity of clothes or human body. Be careful of static electricity and wear the anti-static electricity gloves.
5. After the service or the repair is completed, confirm the operation of the product is normal.
6. Do handling and safekeeping carefully because the user setup information remains in the projector.

Air filter maintenance
1. The air filter is clogged with dust, causing the filter replacement message to appear on the screen and
the filter indicator <FILTER> to light in red. In such a case, clean the air filter unit.
2. The proceeds of the air filter clogging, becomes hot of projector inside, and <TEMP>indicator is lit , power shut down.
Then <FILTER>Indicator remains red , <TEMP> indicator will flash (twice) red.
3. Indication of cleaning is 10,000 hours. but varies greatly depending on the usage environment.
If dirt does not come off even if the unit is maintained, it is time for the unit to be replaced.
Cleaning procedure for Air filter unit
1. Make sure to turn off the power before replacing the air filter unit.
2. Loosen the lamp unit cover fixing screw (one screw) until it turns freely, then remove the Air filter cover, pull out the air filter unit.
3. Clean and dry the air filter unit.
1) Soak the air filter unit in cold or warm water and then lightly rinse it.
Do not use cleaning tools such as brushes.
2) Rinse the unit two to three times using fresh water each time.
3) Let the unit naturally dry off in a well-ventilated place where there is
little dust and the unit is protected from direct sunlight.
Make sure that it is sufficiently dry before reinstalling it to the projector.
Do not dry using drying devices such as dryers.
(Please read the page "Maintenance/Replacement" on the instruction book to know about details.)
4. After cleaning the air filter unit, install the filter unit and the air filter cover.
The air filter unit has no difference between top and bottom, but is two-sided.
Match the protrusion position of the air filter with the grooves on the projector body.